Introduction to Blockchain


This paper discusses the very basics of blockchain technology and how we can leverage the technology into Internet to ensure decentralized Internet, net neutrality and censorship-free Internet. Additionally the paper calculates transaction size, block size and possibilities of putting a TLD(Top Level Domain) registry into a blockchain based service rather than a centralized organization.

Feb 20, 2018
Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu, Nepal

The tutorial was followed by a panel discussion on 23rd February, 2018 with some Industry Leaders from The FreeBSD Foundation, Ethereum Research, ICANN and RIPE officials. The 6B panel discussion was titled Blockchain-Based Registry: No Kiddin’?. The following was the exerpt from apTLD team:

Based on the training session findings and building on vast experience of renowned experts, Members will have a chance to familiarize themselves with new prospects for registries in the uncharted Shangri-La of blockchain. Or, a chance may be there is no Shangri-La and it is all but mirage, who knows….

Before I could send the slides to apTLD officials my laptop died. The slides used here are not the full compilation. I tried to remake the slides as far as I could remember. Specially the time consuming calculations regarding the transactions are missing here. If any of the attendees have the pictures of the slides(I saw everyone was taking pictures) and can send me the pictures by mail that would be highly appreciable.